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If you're over 40 and under dead, you're in the right place. The Midlife Community is where you'll find friendship, support, learning, and laughter.

*MLFer is shorthand for "Midlifer". We just think saying M-L-F-er is funnier.

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Elevate. Don't commiserate.

All topics Midlife are "hot" right now. But we got tired of hearing either lots of complaining, or irritating irrational exuberance with no actionable advice. So we built a place where WE wanted to hang out - with women like you who are on a journey to learn, grow, and evolve, and are willing to laugh along the way.

Muddling Through The Midlife

Our free discussion community comprised of vibrant women and participation in monthly challenges designed to bring a little fun to your life.

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MLFers Club

Challenges, the vibrant community, Work Through A Book Club, and access to our library of recorded content, workbooks, and worksheets designed to help you reimagine your next best chapter.

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MLFer Seekers Circle

You're on the journey. You can see how far you've come. You know you're destined for more. Get all the benefits of MLFers Club PLUS direct coaching and LIVE workshops at an unprecedented value.

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Work Through A Book Club

Have you had this experience with a book club? It's hard to find time to read. It's even worse when you do the reading, few else do, and traditional book clubs devolve into a cocktail party. We're not saying don't bring your beverage of choice. We're just offering a manageable way to thoroughly discuss a book in bite sized chunks and get something out of it. Open to MLFers Club and MLFer Seekers Circle.

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Live Workshops

Once a month, we bring you a relevant topic for teaching and reflection. Workshops are designed to leave you with actionable ideas to make a meaningful difference in your life with ongoing support from your coaches. Open to MLFer Seekers Circle.

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Ask Us Anything

Kimberly and Tracy are a team - friends first, business partners by choice. We share a creative and entrepreneurial spirit that merges the best of our respective talents and challenges each other to be better. We are different, but complimentary. Some days you may need little Tracy, others a bit more Kimberly. We think the flavor comes from the blend. 

Together we will inspire you to charge forward as the best version of yourself.  And sometimes we'll invite expert guests. Open to MLFer Seekers Circle.

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