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Meet the women behind The Midlife

Tracy Feldstein

Co-host and master manifester

As a former Body Engineer, Tracy knows all things mind, body, and spirit are connected. Tracy is light and love and the one most likely to tell you, "feel your feelings".

Kimberly Samson

Co-host and truth teller

As a former financial professional, Kimby lives in a world of black and white, right and wrong. The only thing she sugar coats is the sweets she loves to bake.


Together they bring you an honest, authentic, funny, and refreshing look at Midlife.


Living. Thriving. Sharing. Motivating. Entertaining. Creating.

Unapologetic. Direct. Contemplative. Optimistic. Enthusiastic.

Kimberly and Tracy are a team - friends first, business partners by choice. We share a creative and entrepreneurial spirit that merges the best of our respective talents and challenges each other to be better. We are different, but complimentary. Some days you listen you may be a little Tracy, others a bit more Kimberly. We think the flavor comes from the blend. Have a taste and let us know what you think. 

Together we will inspire you to charge forward as the best version of yourself. 

And truth be told, that's what we're still doing and expect to be doing for the rest of our lives - striving to be the best versions of ourselves and willing to share what's working... and what isn't. 


"If you want a civilized and human look at how to do the next chapter of your life, this is the spot."

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